Weaning the Toddler Who Loves to Nurse
Weaning Weaning the Toddler Who Loves to Nurse

Weaning the Toddler Who Loves to Nurse

Weaning a toddler who loves to nurse can be one of the greatest breastfeeding challenges for a mom. Children who breastfeed into toddlerhood often nurse for comfort, security, and relaxation, as well as for nutrition. Strategies include:

  • If the toddler is still nursing whenever they choose, first try a breastfeeding schedule so that the child is only nursing at times that are ideal for mom, such as upon awakening, before and after naps, and at bedtime. Sometimes this is liberating for a mother, so that she feels sufficiently in control of breastfeeding.
  • Once the toddler is on a nursing schedule, start dropping nursing sessions.
  • Distract the toddler with toys, books, or a special treat when the toddler wants to nurse.
  • Some toddlers adjust best if mom is not around at the time of a dropped feeding.
  • Changing the toddler’s routine may also help, such as having another adult such as the other parent putting the child to bed rather than mom.